How do I recreate my public_html folder?

If you ever need to recreate your web root, please follow this step by step guide that is outlined below and you'll have the web root created in no time.

Please note that this guide may vary slightly, depending on the FTP client being used.

  • Connect to your web hosting account via and FTP client
  • Create New Folder
  • Input "public_html" for the folder name
  • Select the new "/public_html/" folder and right click
  • Select "Permissions" from the contextual menu
  • Upon recreating the web root folder, you will need to reinstall your FrontPage extensions if you use any.
  • Login to your cpanel
  • Locate the section named "Advanced"
  • Click on "FrontPage Extensions"
  • Click "Cleanup Extensions"
  • Once that has completed, click "Go Back"
  • Now, click "Install Extensions"

Upon the completion of that, you should see:

C compiler (/usr/bin/gcc) OK (cached Mon Dec 2 15:38:12 2013) 
C compiler (/ust/bin/gcc -m32) OK
Saving .htaccess file: /home/cheaprvs/public_html/.htaccess
Starting install, port 8888.
Creating web 
Install completed. Merging .htaccess file:
Setting Password
Frontpage was installed on the following domains:

Once you have seen a message like the above, the installation is complete and you have recreated the public_html folder.

Please get in touch with our support team if you require further assistance.

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