Installing an SSL Certificate: cPanel

1. Start by logging into cPanel.

2. Locate the "Security" section and click "SSL/TLS Manager".

3. In the "Certificates (CRT)" section click on "Generate, view, upload or delete SSL Certificates".

4. Import Domain/End Entity Certificate.

  • Copy and paste the contents of "yourDomainName.crt", or the " Signed Certificate (PEM Format)" if you received the certificate in text format, into the box labelled "Paste the crt below" in the "Upload a New Certificate" section.


  • Click "browse" and navigate to "yourDomainName.crt" and then click "Upload".

5. Click "Go Back".

6. At the bottom of the page click on "Return to SSL Manager".

7. Click on "Setup a SSL certificate to work with your site".

8. Select the relevant domain from the "Domain" drop-down menu. The system will attempt to fetch the SSL Certificate and Private Key.

Please Note: You also have the option to manually fill in these fields by copy/pasting the certificates into their appropriate fields.

9. In the box "CA Bundle" paste the contents of the CA Bundle that was provided.

10. Click on "Install Certificate".

The certificate is now added to your server and assigned to the domain.

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