Installing an SSL Certificate: Plesk 7 & 8

Install Certificate to Server

1. Firsly, login to the Plesk Control Panel

2. Depending on your version of Plesk:

  • Plesk 7 - Select Domains from the left hand menu.
  • Plesk 8 - Click Home and scroll to the bottom of the page

3. Click on the domain name that the certificate is for.

4. Click on the Certificates icon, located under Services.

5. Install End Entity/Domain & CA Certificates

Uploading Certificates

1. Upload Entity/Domain Certificate

Click Browse and locate the extracted End Entity/Domain Certificate. This will typically by yourDomainName.crt. Click Send File to complete this installation.

2. Upload CA Certificate

Click Browse and located the extracted CA certificate. This will typically be
Click Send File to complete this installation

Copy and Pasting Certificates

1. Open yourDomainName.crt and in your favourite text editor.

2. Copy and paste the contents of yourDomainName.crt to the certificate section.

3. Copy and paste the contents of to the CA certificate section.

4. Once finished, click Send Text.

Your certificate has now been added to your site"s certificate repository.

Enable Site for SSL

1. Stay in the same area when the certificate was installed.

2. Click Up Level from the top right area of the control panel.

3. Click Setup.

4. Using the drop down box, select the certificate that was just installed.

5. Check the status of your IP address and certificate

Please note: You must be logged in as administrator before continuing.

Restart Apache Service

1. Click Server item from the left hand menu.

2. Click on the Service Management menu item.

3. Stop and Start the Apache process

Please note: Do not simply restart the Apache service. You must stop the service and then start it again to complete the installation.

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