Installing an SSL Certificate: Sun Java Server 7.x#S

1. Go to the Certificates Tab/Server Certificates.

2. Start the ' Install Server Certificate Wizard', choose your configuration and then enter the password assigned whilst creating the CSR.

3. Open your_domain_name.crt with a text editor and copy & paste the contents in the 'Certificate Data' box provided.

4. Assign a nickname to your certificate and pick a listener. Click 'Next' and then 'Finish'. In the 'Certificate Authority' tab, install the root certificate file that you received as a 'Certificate Authority'. In the same tab, install the intermediate certificate file as a "Certificate Chain' file. If you have a multiple intermediate certificate files as well, install that as a 'Certificate Chain'.

5. Under Configurations, go to 'Edit HTTP Listener". Now, under 'General', check the box to enable SSL and then select your SSL certificate under Certificate/RSA Certificates.

6. Client Authentication should almost always be set to 'False'.

Your SSL should now be installed and ready to use.

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