Installing an SSL Certificate: VPN 3000 Series Concentrator

1. First of all, click on Click here to install a certificate, from the Administration and Certificate Management screen. This will take you to the Administration and Certificate Management Install screen.

2. Now, click on Install certificate obtained via enrolment.

3. On the Administration and Certificate Install screen, click on Install in the Actions column of the Enrolment Status table.

4. Choose the installation method you prefer: Cut & Paste Text or Upload File from Workstation

5. The manage will now display a screen appropriate to your choice. Include the certificate information relevant to your install method and click on Install. The manager will now install the certificate and your new identity Certificate appears in the Identity Certificates table.

6. Finally, confirm that the Issuer fields for Certificate Authorities and Identity Certificates match for the LAN to LAN connection. You must get the SSL certificate and the CA certificate from the same CA.

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