£6 refund for my internet being down for 8hrs

Lee shared this thanks 6 years ago

Well here i go again praising Xilo, my previous supplier had endless down-times and hours wasted on the phone talking to support staff reading from a script.

Xilo's simple yet efficient method of having an automated message when you called, stopped me wasting time trying to solve the problem my end. The simple solution is often the best solution, so i spent that evening socialising, and now it turns out that Xilo are willing to pay for 2 pints of best British beer i drank. Too good to be true, but its true.

I cant blame multi-nationals i guess, Xilo is just a hundred times better. Brilliant Quality and unsurpassed customer service, and i am supporting British job creation, Xilo is the reason i feel good this morning so thanks people for a job well done. I owe u 2 pints heheheh