IMAP sent items not showing

Ben N shared this question 6 years ago


I recently moved domain over to shared hosting and emails appear to be working fine sending and receiving however I access from webmail, thunderbird on pc and also via smartphone (all via IMAP)

Ive recently noticed that if I reply to emails via smartphone the replies are not showing in sent items when viewed on webmail and thunderbird

as you can probably guess this can be a pain if you are looking for an email you sent whilst on move etc.

anyone know how to ensure sent items are kept?


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What phone are you using for the email which is having the issue?


Htc one x


We're not aware of any issues with that phone or any specific settings i'm afraid.

The default IMAP settings we give should work for most clients so unless the device has a special setting that we do not know of, it's going to be impossible to us to suggest something further.

Have you contacted HTC?