Import large data files into mysql database

Ben Whitworth shared this question 4 years ago


I need to import approx 2.5M rows into a sql database and I am not getting any joy with the phpmyadmin uploader. Uncompressed the file is 225Mb, but compressed it is only 15Mb so I hoped it would be able to be uploaded. Any suggestions? I tried to connect to the database from home, but i don't know the hostname.


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As the file is quite large, we may need to do this for you via the command line.

If you can upload the SQL dump file to the server and raise a ticket letting us know the file name and the database that you want it imported to, we can do that for you.

You can do yourself also the hostname is the domain name that you point to the server. You'll need to add your IP in the remote hosts section of cPanel before you will be able to authenticate however.