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Robert Seaford shared this problem 3 years ago

The switch over over XILOs email servers on 15th February has resulted in a change of protocols for SMTP - port 465 with SSL must now be used. This change was not flagged up berfore the switchover which is frankly poor.

Unfortunately this new protocol is not supported by various email applications. While I am not against progress, two management issues have been badly managed.

1, There was no warning of the implications of the server change. We were advised of a change but NOT the implications

2. There was no consideration to grandfathering existing users, or how to deal with incompatible software.

Otherwise I have been very happy with Xilo for the past 7 years.

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Port 465 has always been the SSL-only port into the server - this has not changed even today and we've not said any different in the ticket you have raised.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to support very old software. We have to continually evolve our software to ensure that it is secure to the standards today. This is true for operating systems too.

However, as explained in the ticket, there is assumption the client you are using is not compatible (based on the limited information provided) but I don't believe this has been checked with the software vendor as yet as per our earlier suggestion. If it turns out that it is up to date, we have offered to assist further.

To avoid duplication, please do update the ticket that we are already working with you on.

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