SSRF and Privilege escalation vulnerability in WordPress

Reuben Irving shared this question 4 years ago

I have just received the email below. What does it mean? What should I do about it?

(And yes I know - I will contact customer support as it suggests too, just thought some advice on this could be useful here)


Dear Account Administrator,

We have detected software vulnerabilities in PHP scripts on your hosting package. To prevent system abuse resulting from exploitation of these vulnerabilities, these should be addressed as quickly as possible. This concerns the following vulnerabilities:

SSRF vulnerability in WordPress


Privilege escalation vulnerability in WordPress


Vulnerabilities such as these can allow third parties to access your hosting package and abuse this through e.g. uploading malware for various purposes. We strongly recommend you check the entire hosting package for other files that appear out of place, which our detection system might have missed.

If you have any questions arising from this message, please contact our customer support department.

Best regards,


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This email is sent to all account holders when there is one or more detectable weaknesses in their files.

Usually this is out of date software such as WordPress, or even out of date plugins.

Our system will patch those files after 48 hours if they remain vulnerable in a way to not disturb any of the functions within it but the block any malicious use.

We do recommend that any sites should be kept up to date and if they are, it could be you have old files from previous versions that may need to be manually removed.